• March 12, 2016

The Spring Perspective

The Spring Perspective

The Spring Perspective 586 220 spokes

Winter of 2016 is bringing us a real mixed bag of weather, some of it favorable for riding, and some of it down right dastardly.

We are looking forward to spring in the traditional sense of the word. Let’s hope that we get those sunny warm days and lots of nice spring flowers just like we think spring should be.
We’re also excited for Spring over here at Spokes Magazine because it marks the beginning of our 30th year. It’s hard to believe!

And, to mark that milestone we are planning some fun new things, like a new website. Stay tuned, come right back here, within a month or so we should be up and running with a slick new digital presence. We’re also kicking up our social media activity so you can stay in touch with cycling news in the Mid-Atlantic even easier. We’re also hoping that a new website and digital presence will encourage more cycling fans to support us. As we’re currently upgrading our website, we’re hoping that the new design will appeal to more people. In an attempt to increase our website traffic, we have thought about using some search engine optimization techniques to try and bring more people over to our new website. Hopefully, an agency like Victorious (https://victoriousseo.com/markets/seo-for-new-website/) will be able to help us increase our current website traffic and bring more visitors over to our website. We’re also hoping that our increased digital presence will draw more people over too, so we should be able to increase our audience significantly!

Our Spring print edition comes out in early March 2016. We’ve got lots of cool stories for this one including some trail features for High Bridge Trail and the Capital Trail. Look for the latest news stories too. And of course, we will offer some sound training and nutritional advice. Joining this year for a brand new column, Ed Jones joins us as a technical expert, writing on bike repair and maintenance.

We’d love to hear from you. So drop us a note on Facebook or email. We’re eager to hear your story ideas and connect with people who love cycling like we do.