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Monocacy Crossing Trail 1024 384 spokes

Monocacy Crossing Trail

MCT Rail Trail by Tom Rinker, The Bicycle Escape & Frederick Bicycle Coalition With increasing frequency walkable and bike-friendly communities are what many people demand. Frederick has a lot to offer and now…

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Alcohol & Athletes 1024 384 spokes

Alcohol & Athletes

Athletes are competitive. Unfortunately, too many competitive athletes are also competitive drinkers, not to be outdone by their teammates. Ask any coach or college athletic director, and you’ll hear concern…

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2016 Sports Nutrition News 1024 384 spokes

2016 Sports Nutrition News

Looking for the latest sports nutrition news? Below are just a few highlights from the more than 3,000 research studies presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting…

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The Spring Perspective 586 220 spokes

The Spring Perspective

Winter of 2016 is bringing us a real mixed bag of weather, some of it favorable for riding, and some of it down right dastardly. We are looking forward to…

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